What Is Aimprivacy?

Safety and security are the utmost things that everyone wants in their life. We use lots of tools and equipment for our safety purposes and surveillance cameras are on top of them. Finding the best security-camera setup for your home and office isn’t an easy fish to fry if you don’t have any prior knowledge.

However, you don’t need to worry about that at all. Now that you are at Aimprivacy; our expert will guide you to the best camera setup that you are looking for. Here at Aimprivacy, we have a team of expert people who have in-depth knowledge about different types of security cameras and their overall system.

Whether you are looking for a PTZ/IP/Dome/Thermal (FLIR) /Bullet/Wireless IP/Day/Night-Camera, here in Aimprivacy, you’ll find all types of security cameras. The Aimprivacy team extensively researched the market, analyzing the top security cameras to find the best one for you. Each of our team members are committed to guiding you to the best camera setup based on your budget and needs.

How Did We Analyze Our  Product And Make Reviews?

Simply put, it’s teamwork. Our whole team goes through a well-organized, systematic process to analyze the product and make reviews. At the very beginning, we split our team members into small sub-groups and assigned them tasks based on their interest and expertise.

Once all the tasks are assigned to the team members, they drive into the work. The analyzing and review process begins with our research and investigation team. Research team investigates the product market and analyzes the product and primarily picks the best product of the most popular brand.

Then our expert team starts analyzing the product and identifying their core features, and then they select the final product from the primary list. Once we have made the list of final products, we analyze them precisely, and study those products, real buyers review for fact checking and data validity.

Only the best products that are capable of meeting all the requirements of the users passed our analyzing process. Products that passed all our analyzing and trial process are finally selected for the review process. Once we collected all the data of our final selected product, we handed it to our review writing team for writing an in-detail review with a complete buying guideline.


Finding valid information on the internet is not a cup of tea. When you look for particular information, you’ll find tons of results and most of them are wrong and misguided information. That’s why we have to go through a fact-checking process to ensure all the data we have collected is errorless and 100% authentic.

We have an editorial guideline for that, and we strictly follow that. Our experts cross-checked all the data we have collected and identified whether there is any wrong information or not. This helps us identify and fix our unintentional mistakes and provide you with 100% authentic information.

Meet Our Team Members

Michael Blanchard

Michael is the founder and the editorial chief of this site Aimprivacy. He operated a business of security-camera service for more than a decade. In fact, he is a professional security-camera technician by himself. Besides his business, he’s a hobbyist blogger.

In most of his blog he talks about the things he has expertise knowledge and with the things people are facing complexity. Michael created Aimprivacy, to share his decade of experience in security-camera setup and spy camera.

Along with him, he hired a few more expert people to contribute with him to help people with any kind of security-camera and its related issues.

Jeffrey B. Austria

Jeffrey is a friend of Michael’s, and he’s a security-camera technician. Once Michael created this site Aimprivacy, he asked Jeffrey to join with him and Jeffrey accepted the proposal gladly.

However, before joining Aimprivacy, they both worked together, so they know each other’s capabilities.  Now Jeffery is working here as a deputy editor and leader of the research team. Under his guidance and supervision, all the team members have completed their tasks.

William S. Miller

William is a tech reporter for a well-known tech magazine. After completing his graduation in Linguistics and English literature, he also took a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Writing is not something that he’s doing just because of his professional purpose.

From his early age to now he’s been a hobbyist writer. Now it has become his profession as well. He loves to research new eras of technology and write about them. We bring William to Aimprivacy to guide you to the right product in the most effective and easiest way. Here at Aimprivacy, he’s working as the head of our writing team.