7 Best Long Range Night Vision Security Camera System Reviews in 2023

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Choosing security cameras that keep your premises secure from burglaries and theft is easy if the surveillance range is small. But, when it comes to covering a huge space, especially at night, things get real messy.

Not every security camera can offer you enough clarity at night, even in short range. So, you need to consider cameras that are made for the range you’re covering, regardless of whether it’s day or night.

Well, it can be overwhelming for you. So we’ve done the most part and came up with the best long range night vision security camera system that you can put your faith in.

We considered everything from HD footage quality, clear IR vision, high-res optical zoom lense, motion sensors, everything you could ever ask for.

Let’s give you a run-down on each of the camera systems we’ve selected after screening and get you maximum night coverage.

How Far Can a Wireless Security Camera Transmit?

If you’re considering going wireless, a wireless security camera’s signal passing distance varies for several reasons. One such reason is the object and building material a signal must pass. Generally, any decent wireless camera can pass 250 to 500 feet in an open field.

However, it can travel significantly less distance indoors, ranging between 100 and 165 feet. Building materials like brick, concrete walls, and floors reduce signal strength.How Far Can a Wireless Security Camera Transmit?

Trees and other physical objects between the camera and its receiver reduce signal strength. Thus they cannot transmit very far. Radiofrequency signals from other devices also create an impact. Ensure you do not place a wireless security camera or receiver near any router, microwave oven, cordless phone, etc. Wireless security camera signals can go very far in empty spaces.

Comparison Table:

NameCamera SensorOptical ZoomFeed RangeConnectivity
SUNBA PoE+ PTZ Security Camera5 MP Sony Starvis36XUp to 1500 feetWireless
SV3C Motion Track PTZ Camera5 MP5XUp to 196 feetWireless
HDView License Plate Camera2.4 MPN/A180 feetWiFi
CasaCam VS802 Security CameraN/AN/A1000 feetWireless
ENSTER Dual Band CameraN/A4X100 feetWireless & Wired
Honic Night Vision Camera2.9 MPN/A130 feetWired
OOSSXX Human Detected Camera3N/A80 feetWireless

7 Best Long Range Night Vision Security Camera System Reviews

best long range night vision security camera system

We’ve listed the 7 best night vision security surveillance systems that offer the maximum range in terms of IR tech and motion detection. Here they are:

1. SUNBA Security Camera-Editor’s Choice

Sunba brings the best long range night vision security camera system for outdoor use. A 5 MP Sony Starvis camera is well equipped with multiple IR sensors and LEDs in it to provide outstanding night-time surveillance. The following features are the core reason that made it our editor’s choice.

SUNBA Security Camera

Powerful Optical Zoom:

With the Sunba’s high-res optical imaging sensor, you can capture more details like moving objects in the distance with a powerful 36X optical zoom. It features ½.8” Sony Starvis Sensor and will deliver 5MP at 25 FPS while capturing footage.

You’re getting 3 LED groups for different zoom levels, covering up to 1500 feet of area with a digital zoom of up to 66 times and 528 times into the target.

Automated Night feed

This camera is equipped with multiple IR sensors that will give you real-time night and day footage without drops. It will detect darkness instantly as it gets darker and get back on day mode as it detects light. With a reach of up to

Two Way Audio:

Now Sunba PoE PTZ security camera has a two-way talking feature where people can talk with each other from both ends of the camera. A warning decal is also included so that you get to know when the necessity of contacting two-way appears.

Water & Temperature Proof:

While using a camera outdoors, weather resistance is important. With the Sunba CCTV, you’re getting IP66 level rating meaning that this camera well-prepared for water resistance. This robust outdoor security camera will work perfectly between -4 and 140 degrees F.

Ease Of Use and Performance:

Renovated UI, Standardize Integrated Protocol, and other advanced intelligent features have improved the performance of this security camera. Thus, you will have an enhanced user experience while operating the PTZ options and live or recorded feed.

Plugin Free 24/7 Live Video Feed:

You can configure and watch or record your surveillance feed off of this PoE camera in Chrome/Firefox without installing and plugging it. There is an app available for both Android and iOS users as well.


  • Product Dimension: 17 x 9.25 x 9 inches
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Connectivity Protocol: Ethernet
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Usage: Outdoor
What We Like
  • Face Capture capability
  • Can count head
  • Perimeter detection
  • Can detect night and day
  • Great night vision long range camera
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit heavier


Sunba PoE+ PTZ security camera offers a 360° pan and tilt and delivers data and power through an Ethernet cable. With this super long range security camera with night vision offering 36X optical zoom, your property will remain safe and sound.

2. SV3C PTZ WiFi Camera-Best For Motion Detection

New Motion Track PTZ Wireless Camera is one of the best security cameras because of its superior motion detection capabilities. Not only does it detect faces day and night, but it also stores them for future reference. Let’s see what more we will get from this camera:

SV3C PTZ WiFi Camera

Humanoid Motion Detection:

Humanoid motion detection smartly identifies humans and other animals and reduces false alarms by 95%. With adjusted detection sensitivity and customized detect area- intelligent tracking will follow the objects in motion and send alarms directly to your mobile.

Night Vision Floodlight:

SV3C New Motion has 10 pcs of white floodlights that help capture motion during nighttime. Its intelligent IR lights have 3 modes: Intelligent Mode, Ordinary Mode, and Color Mode. Each of them contributes to detecting motions.

A Powerful Camera Sensor:

With a 5 MP 2.7~ 13.5mm lens and Sony sensor, New Motion is an excellent monitor for both indoors and outdoors. You’ll also get a 5X optical zoom to ensure fine details without dropping video resolution or image quality. Nonetheless, we have night vision cameras with more powerful optical zoom than this one.

Both Way Communication:

The New Motion wireless security camera is equipped with a microphone and speaker. People from both ends can talk to one another using this setup. It especially comes in handy when you want to threaten a burger away or to communicate with guards.

Remote Control:

You can control the camera from anywhere using an app. That would include getting the live feed, checking out the recordings, responding to motion detection, and more. The best part is you do not have to pay any subscription fee.


  • Dimension:9 x 6.69 x 4.72 inches
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Maximum SD Card Support: 128 GB
  • Temperature Limit: -4℉~ 140 ℉
What We Like
  • Motion-activated spotlight
  • Supports SD cards and video playback
  • Two-way connection
  • Great image quality
  • Smooth pan/tilt and zoom
What We Don’t Like
  • Can’t adjust the frame rate for video recordings.


This PTZ camera is offering a robust 5 MP Sony camera sensor with superior motion detection technology. This makes it a perfect long-distance security camera if you’re more into automated detection for unauthorized activities. Besides, you get to use up to a 128 GB SD card; recording and storing videos for future reference cannot get easier.

3. HDView License Plate Camera-Best For Reading License Plates

HDView brings one of the best license plate reading cameras on the market. This 4-in-1-night vision camera has WiFi connectivity. With 2.4 MP and Full HD resolution, it is equipped with superior image quality that make it a better choice for even reading texts from far distance.HDView License Plate Camera

Pre-Programed Camera:

HDView License Plate Camera comes as pre-programmed for detecting and reading texts for further inspections. You will not have to change anything. All you have to do is zoom its lenses to the required position. It only ensures better results.

High Resolution:

This camera can produce high-definition video resolution powered by a 2.4 MP 1/3” Sony sensor. It mainly helps to identify license plate numbers. With 1920X1080P, you won’t miss a single number plate.

4-in-1 camera:

This long-range night vision camera can serve 4-in-1 usability: TVI, CVI, AHD, and 960H. TVI is the default video mode. The only drawback is that it is an analog signal camera and does not detect IP network license plates.

OSD Feature:

OSD makes sure that it blocks car headlights at night, making sure nothing comes into blockage for uninterrupted surveillance. With this, you will also be able to see a license plate pretty clearly. To turn it on, go to the OSD menu and turn on HLC.

Night Vision:

The Sony sensor and 10 Matrix IR enable this night vision camera to reach up to 180 feet in the dark. It doesn’t compromise image quality within this range. So, you can do superior surveillance with this camera, even in pitch dark night.


  • Dimension: 11.54 x 6.69 x 5.51 inches
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • Usage: Surveillance
  • Special Feature: Night Vision
  • Max Night Vision Coverage: 180 feet
What We Like
  • Higher resolution
  • Comes pre-programmed
  • Focus controls are well placed
  • Superior picture quality
  • A good zoom and focus
What We don’t Like
  • Only detects car license under 25 mph speed.


It is a powerful camera for surveilling. Features like Sony lenses, HD video feed, 2.4 MP camera sensor, etc., make it an excellent long-range camera. The only setback is it is not a motorized one. You have to adjust its zoom manually.

4. CasaCam Security Camera System-Best with Touchscreen Monitor

CasaCam VS802 is a night vision camera that comes with a touchscreen monitor. But the most exciting feature of this camera system is that it does not require any internet to use locally. This AC-powered night vision camera comes with many items in a bundle.CasaCam Security Camera System

7 Inches Touchscreen Monitor:

A 7 inches touchscreen monitor will allow you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere. With this monitor, you can talk to people and see them. More importantly, you will not have to pay any monthly fee for its app.

A Simple DVR System:

CasaCam has a pretty simple plug-and-play DVR system. You have to connect the camera to a power supply, and it will start working instantly. The user interface of the monitor is pretty simple too.

Smart Motion Detection:

Dual sensor motion detection can smartly minimize false alarms. The long-range camera can support up to 1000 feet of wireless range and 100 feet of night vision. Thus, you’re no more going to be strangled behind because of darkness or distance.

Recording Modes:

Its 7 inches touchscreen monitor has 3 recording modes: auto, manual, and scheduled. With a five-second pre-recording mode, you will not have to lose any footage. It comes with an 8GB SD card.

Two-Way Intercom:

With two-way audio, you can talk to people who come to your property using the 7-inches monitor this camera setup comes with. It is portable, and you can take it with you anywhere you go.


  • Dimensions: 14.06 x 9.84 x 4.49 inches
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Max Coverage: 1000 feet
What We Like
  • A 7 inches touchscreen monitor
  • Does not require internet for local use
  • Comes with an 8 GB SD card
  • Easy operation
  • Pretty good image quality
What We Don’t Like
  • Lens cover is made from plastic


Easy to operate with a touchscreen monitor, that’s what makes this camera setup stand out. You will not require any internet to operate this long-range security camera locally. The 7 inches touchscreen, a simple DVR system, and a maximum range of 1000 make this camera an excellent choice for any household.

5. ENSTER Dual Band WiFi Camera-Best With Dual Band Wifi

ENSTER brings a dual-band WiFi camera with all the powerful features. But you will have to install it somewhere with a robust wireless signal and a stable power supply. Let’s see what this long-range security camera offers.

ENSTER Dual Band WiFi Camera

Dual-Band Wifi Connection:

You will get a solid and stable connection as the camera uses a dual-band WiFi connection: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. As the camera uses a dual-band signal, you will get an uninterrupted high speed video feed. If you have a 5 GHz connection in the house or office, this camera will be compatible perfectly.

100 Feet Night Vision:

Security cameras with IR LED technology usually increase night viewing performance. This ENSTER camera can record up to 100 feet in the peach dark. The night vision will automatically turn on/off based on the light with an automated light detector sensor.

 A Wide Angle lens:

The 110-degree wide-angle camera produces 1080p video resolution with 25 frames per second. It is a pretty good deal for a long-range security camera. With the universal ball mount technology, you will get a clear image from every direction.

 IP66 Waterproof Ratings:

With a high-quality casing and IP66 waterproof rating, you already know, this camera is built for long-lasting. It can withstand heavy rain and typhoons. This outdoor camera can work between -10°C and 55°C.

All Day Recording:

The surveillance feed from this security camera will be recorded and stored on the SD card. Interestingly, your security camera can record without any internet connection, meaning that it’s completely standalone.

Further, it supports up to 128G SD cards, so, getting out of storage won’t be an issue. And with a loop recording system, it can keep on recording and replacing the oldest footages.


  • Dimension: 8 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Connectivity: Wireless & Wired
  • Usage: Outdoor/ Indoor
  • Special Feature: Dual-band
What We Like
  • Easy to setup
  • The Lens has a wider field.
  • Durable & solid body
  • 4X digital zoom
  • Two-way communication and a siren alert option
What We Don’t Like
  • Run hot pretty soon.


If you have dual-band wireless connection, get this camera for a stronger and more stable connection. Its interesting features like a 110° wide-angle lens and 128 GB max support SD card, you can store more footage and ensure safety for your property.

6. Honic Security Camera- Best For Quick Low Light Detection

Honic Clear is one of the best low-light security cameras available today. Sony Exmor lens, Smart IR, and 4 output modes make this night vision camera stand out from others. The only possible drawback is it has a manual zoom lens. Let’s see what else we get from this security camera.Honic Security Camera

Low Light detection sensory:

This camera comes with a Sony Exmor camera sensor, together with back-illuminated pixel technology, NIR, and Low Illumination technology. These advanced technologies combined help this night vision camera perform better in low ambient light.

High-Quality Image:

The 2.9 megapixel Exmor camera sensor produces high-quality and crystal clear images. Features like Low Illumination technology, True WDR, AWB, multiple OSD adjustment, etc., help this camera work well under low light.

Smart IR sensors:

With the Smart IR technology, this long-range security camera can detect faces from as far as 130 feet. Although monochrome, you’ll get a clear view of the target spot within that range on a pitch-black night. Powerful SMT LEDs and black film panels will help produce clear images at night.

4 Output Modes:

You will get 4 modes output from this security camera: 2-megapixel HD-TVI, 2.0 MP AHD, 2.0 MP HDCVI, and 1200tvl BNC video output. All together, they create crystal clear images, helping you get a good stand while inspecting for suspicious activities.

12 mm Manual Zoom Lens:

Its 2.0-12 mm manual zoom lens provides a better view of objects close and far. But you have to adjust the view angle you need manually. This can be an issue if you’re more into automated zooming instead of setting up for a fixed area.


  • Product Dimension: 7.87 x 3.23 x 6.69 inches
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Max Coverage: 130 feet
What We Like
  • No IRE overshoots
  • No oversaturated color
  • Render excellent images at low light
  • No color flare lens
  • Lens matches excellently to image sensors.
What We Don’t Like
  • Manually adjusted zoom lens


The Honic Clear night vision camera is superior in image coloring, resolution, OSD performance, and low light image production. It provides one of the best low light images making it one of the best night vision cameras.

7. OOSSXX Security Camera- Best For AI-Based Surveillance

With a 3.0 MP 2K camera sensor and 4 outdoor security cameras, OOSSXX brings one of the best artificial human-detected security cameras on the market. Another great selling point for this camera system would be the 2 TB hard drive with the package.

OOSSXX Security Camera

AI Human Detection:

Advanced AI motion detection algorithms help this security camera to avoid 99% false alarms. Compared to PIR, it will send real-time notifications if it detects any inconsistency. This security camera won’t give any false alarms by animals, leaves, and clouds.

Video and Audio Storage:

With the 2TB hard drive that comes with the package, you no longer have to worry about storage. You can store 2 months of video and audio on the hard drive. More so, the newest feed will replace the oldest ones with a loop recorder mechanism.

Clear Day and Night Vision:

With 3 separate infrared LED lights and an IR cut filter, you will be able to view clear images at night with this camera. These lights will automatically turn on at night and capture images from 80 feet away, even in the darkest night.

Waterproof Camera:

This camera setup comes with an IP67 Waterproof rating to work under extreme conditions. You can place this durable metal-made camera both indoors and outdoors and don’t worry about getting it damaged by strong wind or heavy rain.

In the Box:

OOSSXX Clear night vision camera comes with many items, including 4 dual antenna wireless cameras, an 8 channel recorder, 2TB hard disk, one remote, 8 extended antennas, 4 pcs 10 feet power cord for camera 1 USB mouse, and 3 different cables.


  • Dimension: 13.6 x 11 x 7.5 inches
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Special Feature: AI Human Detection
  • Max Range at Night: 80 feet
  • Usage: Indoor and Outdoor
What We Like
  • Reduces false alarms by 99%
  • Comes with a 2TB hard drive
  • 2 antennas for better connectivity
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Free app for smartphones
What We Don’t Like
  • Mounting screws are not very sturdy.


This security camera system has shifted towards AI-based technology for superior motion detection. Getting this setup on board will surely enhance your surveillance system. It is an excellent option for your home with a 4 pcs 3 MP 2K dual antenna camera, 2TB hard drive, and IP67 Waterproof rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Extend the Range of My Wireless Camera?

You can extend the distance of your wireless security camera by optimizing your wireless signal strength. To do that, you will have to position the antennas correctly. Try not to keep them near any other wireless device.

Moreover, you will have to remove any barrier that might negatively affect signal range. You can also use special antennas or range boosters to extend the range of your wireless camera.

Can Wireless Cameras Work without Internet?

Yes, some wireless cameras can work locally without the internet. Wireless cameras do not necessarily require the internet. Many security cameras come with an SD card or hard drive to store footage locally.

They can record footage locally into the hard drive or SD card that you can access later on. But for the live feed, you might need an internet connection. That will help you control your camera and watch the feed remotely from anywhere you want.

What Is the Maximum Range Of CCTV Camera?

You will find many options for CCTV cameras in terms of the maximum range. Some of them have a camera lens and can cover 1000 feet. Some night vision CCTV cameras can cover more than 100 feet.

But any decent wireless camera will give you a range between 35 to 70 feet depending on the camera sensor, resolution, and other factors.

Will a WiFi Booster Help My Security Camera?

WiFi boosters- otherwise known as WiFi extenders- can increase the distance of your WiFi signal. So, yes, a WiFi booster will help your security camera increase its range.

WiFi range booster will help bridge the gap between your security camera and your WiFi router, enabling it to add multiple security cameras and extend the range.

Can All Security Cameras See in The Dark?

Most security cameras nowadays can see in the dark. They use different technologies to view images and videos in the dark. Now there are many innovative security cameras available with many cutting-edge technologies.

It can be a unique lens, software, smart IR, Infrared technology, or any particular feature that enables your security camera to see at night.


Being concerned about security is okay, and getting the right camera setup is crucial, especially for nighttime security. We hope that you’ve been able to find a super long-range night vision security camera from the guide above. We’ve considered features like higher optical zoom or superior motion detection technology, waterproof rating, etc., in them.

If you’re still unsure about choosing the best long-range night-vision security camera system, then we will suggest you pick the SUNBA performance series P636 V2 security camera. It’s a budget-friendly surveillance system with 36X optical and 56X digital zoom. In addition, it can show and record feeds up to 1500 feet with 3 sets of zooming cameras.

Michael started his professional career as a security-camera technician. Later, he started his own business of security-camera service, and it's been a decade that he’s been doing it. There is simply nothing that he doesn’t know about security cameras and their accessories. He created this site Aimprivacy, to share his knowledge and decade of experience with people who don’t have any prior knowledge about security and spy cameras.

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