10 Best Security Camera Without WiFi (2023 Reviewed)

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When it comes to getting a security camera, oftentimes it’s harder to find one that works without Wifi. That’s especially true if you also want the wireless connectivity to control the camera or the live feed from it.

While there aren’t many options available; just a handful of them, we’ve managed to find the right alternatives to Wifi cameras. Our list of the best security camera without Wifi will surely help you make a wise decision.

We considered every necessary feature you need, such as HQ video, night vision, long battery life, real-feed, easy access, etc., to make sure it’s capable enough.

Let’s get you through the cameras we handpicked with our findings after testing a more bunch. 

Do All Home Security Cameras Require Wi-fi?

Some home security cameras do require Wi-Fi in order to function, but others do not. It really depends on the specific camera that you are looking at.

If you are interested in a camera that does not require Wi-Fi, then there are a few different options that you can consider. One option is to purchase a camera that has a built-in DVR. This means that the footage from the camera will be saved directly to a hard drive, without the need for Wi-Fi.

Another option is to purchase a security camera that operates on batteries with cellular connectivity. These cameras do not require any type of power connection, and they can be placed just about anywhere. However, keep in mind that these cameras typically do not have the same features as Wi-Fi cameras.

Comparison Chart:

Want a side by side comparison of the cameras we’ve selected? Roll your eyes through the chart and pick one that satisfies your need.

Best Security Camera Without WiFi BrandWeightDimensionsColorPower Source
LaView 4MP Security Cameras LaView‎1.2 pounds‎6 x 6 x 4 inches‎WhiteCorded Electric
Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night VisionWyze7.4 ounces2.51 x 2.24 x 3.93 inches‎WhiteCorded Electric
REOLINK 5MP 8CH PoE Security Camera SystemReolink Digital13.31 pounds11.4 x 14.8 x 7.7 inchesBlackPower over Ethernet (POE)
ANNKE 8CH H.265+ 5MP Lite Surveillance Security Camera System.ANNKE9.63 pounds16 x 12 x 8 inches8CH DVR w/ 4 bullets(Black)Corded Electric
REOLinkOutdoor Security Camera SystemReolink Digital1.69 pounds3.9 x 2 x 4.8 inches‎WhiteRechargeable Battery/ Solar-Powered
R-Tech 5MP Night Color Vision Security Camera.R-TECH1.1 pounds6.2 x 6.1 x 5.3 inches‎WhiteAc/dc
CUMCITIN Analog CCTV Camera.CUMCITIN1.2 pounds4.65 x 4.65 x 3.54 inchesWhiteDC
ZOSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera SystemZOSI9.83 pounds17.3 x 11.3 x 7.5 inchesWired-4 CamPower Adapter
ZOSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera Systemhonic2.2 pounds7.87 x 3.23 x 6.69 inchesgrey DC 
ZOSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera SystemMarquis15.2 ounces5.04 x 5 x 4.69 inchesgrey DC12V±10%, 450mA

10 Best Security Camera Without WiFi Reviews

The majority of the users seem to be pretty satisfied with these security cameras as they deliver good coverage and crystal clear visibility. We have covered every nook and crannies of each product so that you see the whole picture and can pick the best one for yourself.

Best Security Camera Without WiFi

1. LaView 4MP Security Cameras For Outdoor Indoor: Best Overall

With a 90% user satisfaction rate, the LaView 4MP security camera took our attention too, eventually coming to the first spot. It packs in some serious features that will impress you with a reliable surveillance system that works without Wifi.

LaView 4MP Security Cameras For Outdoor Indoor

One issue that has always been with traditional security cameras is the recording quality. But that seems to be solved with the latest LaView security camera. It allows you to watch the recordings in 2k high-definition resolution along with ultra-clear view and real-time moments.

On top of that, this very security camera features powerful starlight sensors. And what it does is it gives a very clear and bright view even when the footage is recorded in dark. Isn’t that great? No wonder why it is one of the best security cameras without WiFi.

With this camera, you can connect and view 16 live feeds at the same time on one page. You can’t connect more than 16 cameras though. But we don’t think you need more than 16 cameras to cover a house or office, that should be enough.

This camera is perfect for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. It comes with a magnetic mount which makes mounting as simple as a snap of fingers. Trust us on this, mounting a camera has never been this easy for us before.

And the installation is so easy that you can change the angle of the camera whenever you want effortlessly. The camera is IP65 water-resistant so don’t worry much when installing the unit outside your home. It has two-way audio functioning as well, in case you need to communicate.

Here is the most interesting part, with AI human and motion-detecting sensors this camera sends the owner a real-time alert. Then there is a smart spotlight around the lens which illuminates the surroundings when it notices any human motion.

LaView camera stores its data in two storage options, whether it uses the micro Sd card, supports up to 128 GB or it stores on US cloud Storage. The cloud storage server is in the US and it is completely risk-free and 100% secure.

As for the connectivity, you don’t necessarily need Wifi to operate this camera. It supports both Hard wire method and Wifi to connect and deliver the surveillance footage while stored on cloud and local SD card.

And lastly, you can control the camera through the La View app that you can install on both iOS and Android. You can do all the changes, see the live feed or do any customization from the app. It is simple to configure and use.

All in all, this is an incredible camera, reliability, quality, security, and easy to use, this very thing offers everything. If you look from the quality perspective, it is fairly priced as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can connect up to 16 cameras and be viewed on a single page at the same time
  • Smart spotlight security camera illuminates the area right after detecting a motion
  • Comes with 2k HD Ultra-clear video cameras
  • Features AI human detecting sensor and notify the owner immediately after detecting.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • A magnetic mount makes installation effortless
  • Offers two storage options US cloud storage or Micro Sd card.
  • IP 65 water-resistant construction makes it suitable for outdoors.
  • LaView app is easy to configure and use.
The Pros
  • High-quality recording.
  • Ai human detector.
  • Motion detecting sensors.
  • Easy to install.
  • Suitable for everywhere.
  • Clear night vision recording.
The Con
  • For this camera, you will need a Female USB 2.0 adapter.

Final verdict

With the ability to connect more than 16 cameras, this La view outdoor security camera promises to give you long-term security coverage.

2. Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision:Best for Money

High-end security cameras are expensive but what if you could enjoy a high-end security camera at a very low price? Sounds like bait? Then check out this Wyze Cam V3 all by yourself.

Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision

Check the features and then see the price, if you have any knowledge of security cameras, you will know that this is a steal for the price.

Here’s what is so special about this camera: It works best at night, unlike its predecessor, Wyze V2, the V3 works incredibly well under super low light with color footage. If you are looking for night vision home security cameras without wifi, consider taking a look at this one.

You can connect it to Wifi, it’s even compatible with smart home and Alexa. However, it comes with a 6′ USB cable that you can connect if you don’t have or want wifi to connect it. It uses an SD card as storage and supports up to 32 GB of cards, which can be a bummer for local storage.

You will be impressed by its night coverage. In the darkness, it records in vivid color, and compared to the traditional night visions, the captured footage of this camera has two times better light and visibility. The starlight sensor around the camera lens does all the magic.

It is a camera designed to be used both indoors and outdoor. Features ip65 rated waterproof construction which makes it withstand rain. Can be installed anywhere from kid’s room to outside the gate. However, for outdoor use, you will have to purchase an adapter separately.

Unlike most of the latest cameras, not only does it come with motion detection but it detects sound as well. And notifies the owner. Another best part of this camera is, it allows you to customize detection sensitivity according to your area or home.

For example, if you live in an area that is crowdy and noisy, the sensors will keep detecting sound and sending messages to you. So when you set the sensitivity, it would let you know when something unusual happens. And you can even turn off the detection if you want.

Lastly, you can access the camera through phones, compatible with android and ios. The camera is to be accessed with an app that you will get to know about once you get your hands on it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Starlight sensors record nighttime footage with needed brightness.
  • Suitable camera for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Motion detecting sensors send notifications.
  • Features sound detection sensors as well.
  • The camera can be fully customized.
  • Compatible with androids and ios.
  • Ip65 rating waterproof construction.
The Pros
  • Easy to customize.
  • Highly durable.
  • Ultra-clear video footage.
  • Immediate notification.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to install.
The Cons
  • Requires an adapter to be purchased separately.
  • Doesn’t support more than a 32 GB sd card.

Final verdict

There are very few security cameras that come at a low price and still perform up to the notch. And this Wyze cam security camera is one of those.

3. REOLINK 5MP 8CH PoE Security Camera: Best For High Storage

If the local storage of only 32 GB didn’t cut for you with Wyze, here’s a thousand times better solution: The Reolink PoE CCTV 4-camera setup, supporting up to 6TB HDD in the DVR. They detect all kinds of motion, let it be a moving vehicle, burglars, roaming pet, etc., and notify you immediately. Well, sometimes, it can get annoying.

REOLINK 5MP 8CH PoE Security Camera

To solve the problem of miss-detection, this Reolink security camera brings a solution to the table. It allows the user to set what type of motion the camera will detect.

Users can set a specific type like human, vehicle, animal, etc. and when the camera will detect something that is set, then only it will send a notification.

You can even customize the notification option, there are two ways, either by email or push notification. You can choose one according to your suitability.

A 2TB HDD comes pre-installed in the camera, every recording will be stored there. You can also add an external 6TB HDD. Once the storage gets full, the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest footage with the newest ones. No worries, you will get at least 1 year of space with 6 TB.

The camera comes with 4 CAT 5, 60 Ft network cables which are easy to set up. You don’t necessarily need Wifi to connect the DVR to keep the surveillance on. The PoE cable will do the job of connecting, and recording. And you can control everything using a monitor and a mouse.

You just attach them where they need to be. Once everything is attached to the appropriate places, you can watch the live view with an HDMI monitor.

For the footage quality, it offers a 1080p resolution display that allows you to watch everything that happened in good detail. It comes with night vision lenses that capture bright footage of night as well.

It is a security camera suitable for both indoor and outdoor, features ip66 rating water-resistant construction making it a perfect outdoor surveillance camera system.

The cables that come with the camera are top-notch in quality. They are long-lasting and there won’t be any signal degradation at least within 100ft.

Highlighted Features:

  • This camera comes with IP66 rated water-resistance construction.
  • Features a 2TB HDD, if needed user can even add another 6TB HDD via SATA port.
  • The package includes all the needed cables.
  • 2560 x 19250-pixel resolution allows you to watch recordings with full clarity.
  • Motion sensors detection can be specified.
  • Sends emails or push notifications immediately after detecting a motion.
  • It can be accessed and users can watch the live feed from anywhere.
  • Features a very easy-to-use app.
The Pros
  • Water-resistant.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Specified motion detection.
  • Instant alerts.
  • External HDD option.
  • Includes all cables.
  • High video resolution.
The Con
  • Motion exclusion zones sometimes work faulty.

Final verdict

It is very common for the latest security cameras to send false alarms but that isn’t the case with this Reolink security camera. This water-resistant camera allows you to specify motion detection.

4. ANNKE 8CH H.265+ 5MP Lite Surveillance Security Camera: Best For Water Resistance

This Annke 8CH H.265 5mp security camera comes with everything you would need for installation. Hard disk drives, ethernet cables (if you don’t want Wifi), HDMI cables, power splitters, adapters, manuals, etc. Everything is included in the package.

ANNKE 8CH H.265+ 5MP Lite Surveillance Security Camera

It is a 1080p camera that delivers crystal clear footage. The package includes 4 security cameras which promise to give up to 100ft at 30 frame per seconds night vision coverage which is great.

Thanks to the advanced smart IR and sensors that come with this system, they allow the camera to record without any noise.

If you want you can use this camera both with WiFi or without WiFi. There are cables which will help if you don’t to use WiFi.

The camera has a 1 TB HDD pre-installed for storage and if you want, you can add one more.

Like all other latest security cameras, this one also comes with motion-detecting sensors that detect movement. And notifies the owner.

This security camera can be accessed remotely. Doesn’t matter where you are, with the right application you will be able to see the live feed. However, it won’t be possible if you are using the camera without wifi

It is a camera suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The camera has IP66 rated waterproof construction. Not only that, the manufacturer has constructed the camera with high-quality ABS material for optimum durability. So you don’t worry at all about installing the camera outside.

Highlighted features:

  • This camera comes with everything you would need for installation, including cables, adapters, even screw heads.
  • Features 1080p recording which gives a crystal clear view.
  • The night vision lens does a good job, captures bright and clear.
  • It has a 1TB HDD. And allow users to add an extra one as well.
  • A suitable camera for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Heavy-duty ABS plastic construction for a long lifespan.
  • IP66 water construction makes it perfect for outdoor use
The Pros
  • Long-lasting camera.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • High-quality recordings.
  • Motion detection.
  • Fast alerts.
  • Bright night vision coverage.
  • Packs all needed accessories.
The Con
  • Poor customer Support

Final verdict

This Annke surveillance camera is heavily constructed to take all abuse of mother nature. It is water-resistant and made of ABS plastic that can withstand sun, rain, and snow.

5. REOLink Outdoor Security Camera System: Best for Cellular Connection

This Reolink outdoor security camera is a versatile one and comes with 4G functioning all over the US. Dealing with wired security cameras is a little messy but not with this one since it is wireless. But, since it uses cellular network, you don’t need a wifi connection for it.

REOLink Outdoor Security Camera System

You will just need to plug the internet cable in and that is all. It is a suitable camera for both indoors and outdoors. And here comes the best part, this camera features a solar battery panel as well. Leave it in the open, the sun will keep powering the camera.

If you want a cell network to connect it, you’ll need a nano-SIM (4FF) inside, but it’s not included. You can use T-Mobile as your network operator with a prepaid data plan activated for the camera.

Not only that, this very camera gives full coverage, it has no blind spot at all. It can horizontally rotate to 355-degrees and vertically 140-degrees. The camera can pan and tilt, right/left, up/down. And with the REOlink app, you can control the rotation of the camera with your fingertips.

As you already know that it comes with rechargeable batteries, and they are also solar rechargeable. On a single charge, the battery runs very long and if you are using the solar panel, then you don’t have to worry about the power at all.

This camera also comes with motion detection. It features wide-angle PIR motion sensors, the specialty of these sensors is no motion can escape without the sensors noticing.

When the sensors detect any motion, it notifies the owner through the app. Lastly, it features a two-way audio function as well. A speaker and mic allow you to communicate with the people near the camera.

One problem with this very camera is, it doesn’t allow you to customize the motion detection. Wondering how is that a problem?

The camera will detect any motion whether it is a car moving or shadow moving, leaves flying due to wind, or animals crossing by. And every time it detects a motion, your phone will ring with the notification tone which is pretty irritating.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features solar system for non-stop coverage.
  • Rechargeable batteries run very long on a single charge.
  • Heavily constructed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Rotates 340-degree horizontally, and 140-degree vertically.
  • High-quality wide-angle PIR motion sensors.
  • Two-way audio functioning.
  • Allows users to control the camera with the application.
  • Instant alert notification after motion detection.
The Pros
  • Easy to configure.
  • Wide-angle coverage
  • No blindspot.
  • Easy access via an app.
  • Solar rechargeable batteries.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Two-way audio for communication.
  • Highly secure.
The Con
  • No option to customize the motion detection.

Final verdict

Wouldn’t it be great if a security camera could work for years without needing you to charge it? That’s exactly what this Reolink outdoor 4g security camera. It comes with a solar panel and gets charged automatically by sunray.

6. R-Tech 5MP Night Color Vision Security Camera: Best for Rough Weather

This R-tech 5mp security camera is pretty small in size but don’t let that intimidate you because the performance is great. It offers a lot of features apart from the heavy duty build and water resistance

R-Tech 5MP Night Color Vision Security Camera

A built-in heater makes this camera a perfect choice for harsh temperature environments. The built-in heater has a temperature range of +140 to -40-degree Fahrenheit.

It is constructed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The camera can tolerate +-30% voltage input and that makes it suitable for unstable outdoor voltages.

Plus, it got IP67 rated heavy-duty water-resistant construction as well. With this camera, you get everything that an ideal outdoor camera should offer.

Moreover, the camera features a 2.8mm 106.0-degree wide-angle camera which captures crystal clear footage. 106-degree coverage should be good for room security.

It monitors color 24/7 to collect clear information which can be used for analysis if needed.

The camera also features IR illumination and it is what does the magic at night. It makes the camera perform great in low light. Smart IR illumination can adapt to the light’s intensity which allows the camera to take bright and clear pictures even if it’s dark.

Installation and connecting the camera don’t take long. Anyone with basic knowledge of technology can get it done in a few minutes.

Highlighted Features:

  • The size is very compact and can be carried anywhere.
  • Features color detecting sensors, it detects every color 24/7 for analysis.
  • The built-in heater has a temp range of -40 to +140-degree F.
  • The camera is designed to withstand unstable voltages.
  • It has IP67 rated water-resistant construction.
  • 106-degree wide-angle 2mm camera for good coverage.
  • Smart IR illumination light takes bright footage of the night
The Pros
  • Portable camera.
  • Suitable for outdoors and indoors.
  • Can withstand unstable voltage.
  • Water-resistant construction.
  • 106-degree wide coverage.
  • Bright and clear nighttime footage.
  • East to install and configure.
The con
  • It doesn’t come with motion-detecting sensors.

Final verdict

If you are looking for compact portable security cameras, then go no further than this R-tech 5mp night vision camera. Not only it’s compact, but it gives great coverage as well.

7. CUMCITIN Analog CCTV Camera: Easy to Use

Another small in size but big in performance analog security camera is the CUMCITIN CCTV camera. It is a wall mount camera that comes with 4 cable gates, so when the camera is attached to the wall, there are organized ways for cables.


With this camera, you get 4 different video output modes which are, CVBS 960H, 1080p AHD, 1080p TVI, and 1080p CVI. And 1080p TVI is the default one.

This camera allows you to make it focus on a specific distance by just twisting it slightly right or left. The built-in LED infrared lights give great night vision coverage, in the dark the camera can cover up to 100 ft distance.

It features CMOS 2 megapixel sensors that make sure you get to see the high-quality video output.

You won’t need a wifi connection to operate this camera setup. Rather, it uses ethernet cable to connect the DVR to camera and let you show the live footage and control the feed and recording.

The camera can cover 180-degrees which is a pretty wide angle, and that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Talking about outdoor, it comes with heavy-duty IP66 water-resistant construction as well which makes it just perfect for outdoors.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 different video output modes are CVBS 960H, 1080p AHD, 1080p TVI, and 1080p CVI.
  • 36 powerful Infrared LED lights for high-end night vision performance.
  • Manual zoom and can shift focus by twisting the camera.
  • IP66 water-resistant construction for withstanding harsh weather.
  • Up to 100 ft. bright and clear night vision coverage.
  • 180-degree wide-angle coverage makes it perfect for outdoors.
The Pros
  • High video quality.
  • Top-notch night vision coverage.
  • Manual zoom and focus.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Easy to install.
  • Captures with good color.
The Con
  • Not very long-lasting.

Final verdict

If you need a night vision camera that can deliver clear visuals at pitch-black night, don’t miss out on this Cumcitin Analog security camera. It offers highly visible bright night time footage with its integrated IR sensors. And most of all, it doesn’t require wifi to do the surveillance and it uses ethernet to store them onso

8. ZOSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera System: Best Storage Efficient

Storage is always an issue with security cameras. There are cameras that record 24/7 and obviously, they would need more storage. What’s different about this Zosi security camera is, it also records 24/7 but it doesn’t require much storage!

ZOSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera System

This camera comes with an advanced h.265+ automatic video compression function which is a highly efficient encoding for surveillance videos. And the best part is, due to the compression the quality won’t fall down. You would still see crystal clear video footage.

It comes with a top-notch 8-channel 5MP lite DVR recorder which is paired with 4 waterproof cameras. These cameras are all 1080p  bullet cameras that come in this set. You can add 5 more 1080p cameras into the rig though. It offers 80ft night vision at a 90-degree angle coverage.

For outdoors, 90-degree coverage isn’t enough but for a bedroom, it should be enough. The camera comes with BNC+DC 60ft long cables that power the cameras properly. In terms of reliability and stability, those cables are better than wireless.

You can access the camera, operate and have the live feed by connecting the DVR to a monitor. It doesn’t require the Wifi or connect to the internet. Just attach the right cable. Apart from that, it can be accessed by ZOSI smart app as well.

It also features motion-detecting sensors which can be customized according to the need. Every time the camera catches a motion, you will be notified. And fortunately, since it allows you to customize the motion detection that will mitigate the false alarms.

There are 4 different recording modes, record on scheduled period, record continuously, records when detecting any motion or recycle record. What’s more satisfying is, you can choose different modes for different cameras.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic H-265+ video compressor compresses video for storage efficiency.
  • The set includes 4 bullet cameras and allows 5 to be attached.
  • 1080p video quality and 90-degree angle coverage.
  • 80ft night vision coverage when it gets dark.
  • Customizable motion detection for minimizing wrong alerts.
  • Features 4 different recording modes and all cameras can have different modes.
The pros
  • Storage efficient camera.
  • High-quality video recording.
  • Customizable motion detection.
  • Decent night vision coverage.
  • Easy to install.
  • Allows adding more cameras.
  • Comes at a good price.
The Con
  • Camera sometimes Glitch

Final verdict

With this CCTV camera setup, Zosi gives you a hell lot of storage space, all thanks to its H 265 video compression technology. So if you need a camera to work 24/7, you might not get a better pick than this.

9. Honic Clear Night Vision Security Camera: Best For Motion Detection

Do you know what makes this Honic clear night vision camera smart? The motion detection notification! Wondering what’s smart about that? Since every security camera now comes with top-notch motion-detecting sensors.

Honic Clear Night Vision Security Camera

It’s true that motion detection is now a must for security cameras but what this Homic unit comes with is, the camera sends an alert text with an image that marks the object so that you can detect it easily.

And that’s not all. Often in recordings, the number plate’s numbers are hard to read due to the light reflection. This very camera solves that problem as well. It comes with HLC technology that eliminates bright lights which allows you to read the plate properly.

On top of that, smart IR illumination light adapts to the intensity of light to record clear video footage of the night.

The 2.9-inch Sony Exmor megapixel lens and sensors give crispy images. It comes with incredible low light performance thanks to the Exmor sensors that come with Back-Illuminated pixel technology.

This camera comes with all the needed accessories such as cables. Anyone with a little knowledge of technology will be able to install the camera with ease. And the best part is, it doesn’t require Wifi connection to connect to the internet. You can use ethernet and get going just fine.

However, customizing the camera according to your need could be a little sweaty!

Highlighted features:

  • Sends an alert with an image where the object is highlighted.
  • HLC technology lessens the light on license plates.
  • Smart IR illumination light captures clear nighttime footage.
  • The package includes all the needed cables.
  • 9-inch Sony Exmor camera sensors deliver crispy images.
  • Allows you to customize the camera according to the need.
The pros
  • Highly secure camera
  • Clear night time footage
  • Easy to install.
  • Customizable function
  • Motion detection
  • Long-lasting camera
The Con
  • The adjustment process takes time

Final Verdict

Hands down, this is by far the smartest camera on the list. Unlike other security cameras, this Honic clear night vision camera doesn’t only send notifications but attaches a picture as well marking the moving object.

10. Marquis CCTV Security Camera: Best For Night floodlight

With a 105-degree wide-angle coverage, this Marquis CCTV security camera is doing an excellent job, even at night footage. It features 2 megapixel and 5-megapixel lite ultra lens with a floodlight for high-definition video quality at night.

Marquis CCTV Security Camera

This camera has pretty cool night vision coverage. There are two options you can choose from when it comes to night recording, color or monochrome footage.

The camera can cover 115 ft with color night vision and with monochrome (black and white) the camera covers around 150 ft in dark. And with ambient flood light, it crosses 190 ft.

When connected with a high-quality DVR, you will be able to see crystal clear footage of what’s happening or happened. You don’t need to connect the cameras using Wifi because they work wired and stores footages locally on the DVR.

It is a water-proof camera which makes it suitable for outdoor use. There are multiple modes output in this unit which are HDTV/AHD and CVI  5mp with 20fps/12.5fps, 4mp 30/25 fps, 1080p 30/25 fps.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a 5 mp lite and 2mp lens for crystal clear video recording.
  • Two-night vision modes, colorful or Black and White.
  • Can give up to 200 ft of coverage in dark.
  • Waterproof construction makes it suitable for outdoor use.
  • The camera angle is decently wide, best for rooms.
The Pros
  • High-definition video recordings.
  • Easy to configure and install.
  • Decent coverage at night.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Comes with cables.
The Con
  • Led is always on at night.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for something that can take a lot of beating, then this Marquis CCTV analog camera is your thing. It got heavy-duty construction for long-lasting service and a 5 mp ultra-lite lens for crystal clear vision.

How to Choose the Best Security Camera without WiFi?

We know how overwhelming it is when you set your sights on a bunch of security cameras. But have you ever thought about what is a package of things that separates ideal security cameras from the over-hyped ones?

Choosing the right security camera should not be sweaty at all if you know what you should look for. Otherwise, you will spend hours and a handsome amount, still might not hit the right one.

So, let’s show you exactly what features you should look for or what features an ideal home security camera should have:

Instant Motion Detection

It will be unwise at present time to choose a security camera that doesn’t come with a motion sensor. And even when you are choosing one that comes with the motion sensor you will have to make sure that works as fast as possible.

Thanks to the motion detection technology, now we have security cameras that wake up when it detects any motion, in other words, any movements. And instantly notifies the owner.

Instant Motion Detection

No doubt, it is an excellent technology and it gives tight security to your home. But not every camera detects the motion faster. And even if some do, they send false alarms.

So what you would want to do is, pick a camera that comes with Ai motion sensors that detect motion faster. Some are specialized in detecting human motions. Such cameras might be a little costly but they are worth the money.

Video Resolution

What’s the point of installing a home security camera when you can barely see the face of the burglar. The video footage the camera records should be clear enough to notice every detail.

For that, you will have to opt for cameras that offer high resolution. You will see almost every camera at present time comes with 1080p video resolution which is a good thing.

Video Resolution

But the problem is, those cameras will only be able to capture in 1080p when the internet speed is at its peak. Unfortunately, which isn’t a regular thing with most of our internet services. Sometimes the speed is at a peak, sometimes average and sometimes it’s below average.

What happens when the internet speed isn’t stable is, the camera captures in very poor quality. So what’s the solution for that?

The solution is to look for flexible resolution. This means the camera will adjust according to the internet speed. And this goes without saying that you will need an internet service that at least offers decent speed for that.

Night Vision Coverage

It is mandatory now to pick security cameras that come with night-vision lenses. A security camera is much needed in the dark and for that, you need night vision. Now one problem with traditional night vision cameras is, that they are usually very poor in quality.

But now there are a lot of options available. There are night-vision cameras that capture footage at night as if the entire area was lit. Yes, they might cost you some extra buck, but it’s important.

Live Feed and control

When you are not home, you want a camera that will allow you to keep a tab on what’s happening inside or outside the home, isn’t that right?

And for that, you will need a security camera that will allow you to see the live feed.

PTZ (If you’re covering a large area)

The full form of PTZ is pan tilt zoom. The advantage of PTZ is, it rotates and enables you to see more. For example, if you keep the camera in your bedroom at one angle, you will want to know what is happening on the side where the camera doesn’t have coverage, and that’s where PTZ comes in.

Some latest security camera models allow you to rotate the camera through the app and see what’s going on around.


Before you purchase a camera it is very important for you to determine where you will be installing the camera.

If you will be using the camera inside the house then you should look for a camera that is designed for indoor use.

And if you are looking for a camera to install outside of your house then you will be looking for a camera that is designed for outdoor use.

An indoor camera and outdoor camera might look the same but they’re pretty different.

Indoor cameras are usually not as durable as outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras are usually water-resistant and they usually come with heavier construction to withstand the anger of mother nature.

Field of View (FOV)

Field of view is the area the camera can cover and before getting your hands on one, you should consider taking a look at this. As a general rule of thumb, narrow lenses give a narrow field of view which is enough for narrow or small spaces.

But when you have a wide area to look out for, then you will definitely need a camera that comes with a wider field of view.


Whatever camera you are buying needs to be durable enough to last a satisfying amount of time. To check the durability what you can do is look for the material used in construction. Or another way is to look for user feedback.

Two-Way Audio

It will be good to have a security camera that comes with two-way audio functioning. If you have left your kids home, the camera could be a fun way to communicate. However, it is not mandatory though.

Easy Installation

You don’t want a security camera whose installation process is rocket science, do you? If you would be installing the camera on your own, then the installation process needs to be easy.

That being said, do not compromise on the quality due to that. If you get an option to choose from a high-performing camera or easy to install the camera, you should definitely get along with the high-performing one.

You won’t be installing the camera every day, so when everything else is up to the notch, then if needed, deal with a little hard installation process.

How to Use Security Camera Without WiFi?

If you want to use a security camera without WiFi, there are a few things you need to do.

First, find a camera that doesn’t require WiFi. There are many different types and brands of security cameras that don’t require an Internet connection as we’ve already discussed.

Once you have the camera, read the instructions carefully to make sure it doesn’t require WiFi.

Many times, you can simply plug the camera into an outlet and it will work. Let me explain if you’re new to this, cameras that don’t require WiFi, don’t mean they won’t require internet.

You can attach an internet cable to the camera if that needs internet. And there are some which don’t require internet as well, for those, just power the camera, connect with the monitor and that’s all.

If the camera does require WiFi, you can still use it without an Internet connection. (Not with all security cameras though)

To do this, you will need to connect the camera to a monitor or TV that has an HDMI input.

Once the camera is connected, you will be able to see the live feed from the camera on the screen. You can also record the footage from the camera to an external storage device, such as a USB flash drive.

What are Analog Security Cameras?

Analog security cameras are the traditional type of cameras used in surveillance systems. And they don’t require WiFi or Internet.  They are affordable and reliable, but they require a separate DVR (digital video recorder) to record and store the footage.

If you want to use an analog camera without a DVR, you can connect it to a monitor or TV that has an HDMI input. The footage will be displayed on the screen, but it will not be recorded.

If you want to record the footage from an analog camera, you will need to connect the camera to a DVR. Most DVRs have multiple inputs, so you can connect multiple cameras to a single DVR.

Once the cameras are connected, you will be able to view and record the footage from all of the cameras on the DVR.

Analog cameras are a good choice for surveillance systems because they are affordable and reliable. However, if you want to use the cameras without a DVR, you will need a camera that uses a cellular network for connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Wireless Cameras Work without The Internet?

A wireless camera doesn’t mean it doesn’t require internet. It simply means it is free from the mess of wires. Wireless cameras can work both with and without the internet. but they will not be able to record or send footage. They will only be able to live-stream footage.

What Cameras Can I Use without The Internet?

There are a lot of options out there for analog security cameras. You can go for a DVR connected surveillance system that uses ethernet cables, or cameras that use a cellular network and supports 3G and 4G. If you are looking for a decent security camera without WiFi, check out the ZOSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera System.

Can I Use an IP Camera without The Internet?

Even though IP stands for Internet Protocol, but still IP cameras can work just fine without an internet connection.

But they will not be able to connect to the network and will not be able to view or record footage. To use an IP camera without the internet, you will need to connect it to a LAN port on your router. If you do not have a router, you can purchase a standalone network


While there isn’t any better alternative to security cameras, being able to use them with or without wifi is necessary. We hope, you’ve been able to find the right camera that you can use while having no wifi connection. You can go for both wired DVR connections or cellular one.

However, if you’re yet to decide on the best security camera without wifi, we’d name the LaView Outdoor Indoor Security Cameras. And the reason is, it’s an all-rounder surveillance setup that works without Wifi, and you can connect to wifi if you want as well. 

It’s great wide coverage, crystal clear recording, incredible night vision coverage, AI human detecting sensors, magnetic mount, IP66 rated waterproof construction, and streaming live feed. This very camera comes packed with everything you would expect from a high-end security camera.

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