13 Effective Blink Camera Mounting Ideas

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Blink cameras are small yet the recording quality is up to the notch. Plus, now they are coming with a lot of advanced technologies as well which is why most people are considering using them as hidden cameras.

That being said, whenever it comes down to hiding a camera, people struggle to find a suitable place. And that’s exactly what we’ll solve here today.

We have come up with a list of blink camera mounting ideas that have been effective for many people. Check it out, you might find a suitable place as well.

13 Blink Camera Mounting Ideas

Some of these mounting locations are outdoor, in that case, make sure to use a weather-resistant camera. And wherever you are mounting a camera, make sure the coverage is good. Let’s get started…

Blink Camera Mounting Ideas

1. Shelves

Whether it is a bookshelf or a general one, it’s always a suitable option for hiding cameras. Even though due to the size and the cables, large CCTV cameras can’t be mounted on shelves but blink cameras are perfect for it. And the best part of using a shelf for hiding a blink camera is, that it is not necessary to mount the camera on the shelf.


You can just put the camera facing the area you want under coverage, just make sure nothing blocks the camera view. And if you want the camera to be hidden then make sure to turn off any light the camera has.

Now let’s talk about exactly where you can hide the camera on shelves. If it is a bookshelf, then set the camera between two books in a way that the camera covers a wide area. And if it’s not a bookshelf, then you can hide the camera behind any showpiece or box.

2. Plant or Flower Pots

There are different types of plant and flower pots, coming in different shapes and sizes. These pots can be used to cover a blink camera. If you want the camera to be unnoticed, then you can set the camera inside the pot strategically. Here’s how you can do it…

  • Pick a decent-sized plant or flower pot, big enough to accommodate the camera
  • With a regular drill machine, drill a decent-sized hole in the pot wall
  • Then set the camera inside the pot, and make sure the camera lens is on the hole
  • To set the combination of the lens and the hole, you might even need to add some padding underneath the camera
  • Once the camera is set in the position, check if it can cover a decent area
  • If everything is okay, pick an artificial plant or flower, and then set them on top of the camera
  • And then place the pot where it is needed the most

3. Corners of the wall

If you want to hide the camera, then wall corners aren’t a suitable option since they will attract attention. But in general wall corners are good for security cameras as they allow the camera to take a wide coverage of most angles.

To get coverage of the entire room, make sure to mount the camera on the ceiling corner. You can either screw mount the camera or use adhesive to mount it.

4. Photo Frame

People have been doing a lot of things behind the photo frames lately, and a blink camera is also a good one to be behind the frame. To hide a blick camera properly with a photo frame, it will be best if you can make a frame according to your need. A frame that has a space for the camera will keep the camera hidden and also won’t interrupt the recording.

Photo Frame

However, if you are not willing to make a frame, you can try using the old one as well. If you want the camera to be completely hidden, in that case, you will need to make a hole of the same size as the camera lens. And then set the camera behind the frame.

5. Home appliances

One specialty of blink cameras is, that they fit easily everywhere. Therefore they can be mounted on all home appliances. Whether it is a refrigerator, washing machine, oven, or dryer, you can easily mount a blink camera there.

That being said, it is hard to hide a blink camera on some home appliances. For example, you can set the camera on top of the refrigerator, which will give good coverage but will be noticed by most people. However, if you can cover the camera without compromising its capturing ability, then go on.

6. Curtain Rod

A curtain rod is also a good position to mount a blinking camera. There are some hooks available in the market which will allow you to mount the camera on the curtain rods effortlessly. Having that said, cameras on the curtain rod will be noticed everywhere.

Curtain Rod

7. Tree branch

If you want to keep a tab on your yard, then set a blink camera on the tree. But for this, you will need a camera that is highly weather resistant, otherwise, rain, snow, and UV-ray will damage the camera in no time.

Tree branch

The best part of mounting a camera on the tree is, that no one will notice it. But make sure to mount the camera in a way that leaves or branches won’t block the camera’s view. Most importantly, the camera shouldn’t have any leaves or anything close to it. Otherwise, the IR lights will reflect and the night vision coverage will be a total mess.

Plus, ensure secure mounting and if possible, cover the camera with a case so that it will be safe from birds and other animals.

8. Doors

Whether it is the house’s main door or the garage door, the top portion is a good spot for setting a camera. Mostly when cameras are mounted on the top of the door, they are exposed. But there are a few tricks that can enable you to hide the camera on top of the door.


By saying top of the door, we mean the portion of the door and the top frame. Now how do you hide cameras here? Easy! Make a customized mailbox that can accommodate a blinking camera and also allows it to capture properly. And then place the mailbox on top of the door.

And on the frame, you can try to make something decorative and set the camera behind that. If you want, you can do something similar with the garage door as well.

9. Furniture

Whether it is outdoor furniture or indoor furniture, you can mount a blinking camera there with ease. We have different types of furniture in the home such as cabinets, wardrobes, closets, cupboards, etc. You can mount the camera on top of any of these. But if you want to hide the camera, then consider mounting the camera on something tall such as a closet or shelf.

Some people use shoe shelves for hiding blinking cameras as well, people usually don’t notice cameras on a shoe shelf. Wherever you set the camera, make sure the coverage is good.

10. Porch

Having a blinking camera installed on the front porch will allow you to keep tabs on everyone that enters or leaves the house. And it is very easy to hide a blink camera on the porch.

Usually, porches are decorated with many showpieces such as fountains, bird boxes, different kinds of lamps, etc. You can hide the camera in any of these. You can set the camera on the top where there is a hanging light, the view will be good and no one will notice. Or you can hide the camera inside any decorative show pieces.

11. On the Car

If you drive on a regular basis, having a blink camera mounted on your car can save you from a lot of trouble. The perk of having a camera in a car is, that whenever there is an accident, and you are innocent, you will have footage to prove it. Otherwise, it will take time to reach a verdict.

security Camera Mounting On the Car

Another perk is, that if you keep your car parked outside your house, the camera can cover your yard as well.

Now, where will you be installing the camera in a car? On the windshield! Mount the camera on the windshield with double-sided tape or adhesive.

12. TV

Television can be a good way to hide the blinking camera. Most of the time, we keep different items around the tv, it could be a Playstation, TV box, showpiece, or anything like that. And a blinking camera can be easily hidden behind those.

And if you don’t have any problem if the camera is seen then mount that on top of the TV

13. Wall clock

It will be hard to hide a blink camera behind regular wall clocks, better make a customized wall clock that will have space for the camera. A lot of people are using the wall clocks for cameras as no one anticipates that easily. And since wall clocks are usually placed on top, the camera angle will be good as well.

Wall clock

Where You Shouldn’t Mount a Blink Camera?

We have walked to 14 places where you can mount a blink camera, now let’s have a look at where you shouldn’t mount a blink camera and why.

Direct Sunlight: First of all, direct sunlight can cause the camera color to fade. And if the camera quality isn’t good, excess heat might even stop the camera from working as well. But if the camera is weather-resistant, then sunlight wouldn’t be a problem.

And lastly, the sunlight will cause glare which will mess up the camera recordings. You will see unwanted glares in the footage which will make the video unclear.

Low Ground: Never install a camera low. If you have children or pets in the house, they might take the camera off or damage the camera. Plus, the view from the low angle won’t be good enough.

Away from insects: Do not set a camera in a place where there is a high chance of a lot of insects flying from the camera. No place is 100% insect free, but there are some places that are filled with insects.

And what happens when you install a camera in such areas is, that the camera sensors will detect flies movements and the storage will be filled with videos that have nothing but flies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, if there is any confusion remains in your mind the below FAQ section will clear your doubt.

Where Should I Mount My Blink Camera?

We have shown 14 places where you can mount your blink camera, it could be the cabinet, appliances, top of the doors, trees, porch, behind wall clocks, etc.

How Do I Hide My Outdoor Blink Camera?

You can hide your blink camera behind a plant pot or flower pot, on tree branches, on the mailbox, bird feeder, on the shoe self, etc.

How Can I Hide My Indoor Blink Camera?

There are a lot of indoor places where you can hide your blink camera such as a shelf, wall corner, photo frame, top of the door, home appliances, curtain rod, etc.

How Far Away Can You Put a Blink Camera?

The maximum motion detection range of all blink cameras is 20 ft, so you would want to set the camera within this range.

Can Blink Camera Be Hacked?

Yes, like any other wireless technology, blink cameras can be hacked.


People are always coming up with innovative ideas, so there can be some other effective options as well apart from these 13. However, we hope these blink camera mounting ideas will help you find a place to hide a security camera properly.

Michael started his professional career as a security-camera technician. Later, he started his own business of security-camera service, and it's been a decade that he’s been doing it. There is simply nothing that he doesn’t know about security cameras and their accessories. He created this site Aimprivacy, to share his knowledge and decade of experience with people who don’t have any prior knowledge about security and spy cameras.

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