How To Hide A Wyze Camera? – Interesting Hiding Ideas

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It is essential to know that having your security camera exposed is not a good option. Otherwise, it can be vulnerable. Because when burglars break in, they want to destroy the CCTV camera first.

Now you may be wondering how to hide a Wyze camera. There are countless methods to hide it. The most typical approach is to utilize various objects such as flower vessels, water pipers, or treehouses.

Other than these methods, there are many ways to hide them. You have to unravel your creativity for it. However, there are some rules which you must follow. And this article will teach you those.

How Does A Wyze Camera Work?

There are some features in a Wyze camera that distinguish them from regular CCTV cameras. It has special features that are really beneficial.

Every Wyze camera includes a motion sensor that can detect motion from 25 feet away. It has a FOV detection zone that covers an angle of 120°. You can also watch a Wyze camera’s visuals while outdoors.

How does Wyze Camera Work

Moreover, you could even connect it to your home Wi-Fi using the app. It enables the camera to transmit data to the internet, accessible from anywhere in the world. Wyze cameras also have other functions, including night vision, two-way audio mode, saving footage, etc.

Why Should You Hide A Wyze Camera?

Having your Wyze camera in plain sight may be a superb strategy to keep burglars away. But you need to know that a spy camera can sometimes provide important information about your surroundings. Here are a few valid arguments to hide your Wyze cameras:

Why Should You Hide A Wyze Camera

Recognize Crime Intentions

To talk about intentions, hidden cameras may shed insight into someone’s true intentions. Hidden Wyze cameras are an excellent tool for analyzing illegal intentions, especially if that person is super sneaky.

You’ll be able to observe their behavior without interference. You’ll also be able to spy on them in an unusual way. Whether a mailman is delivering packages to you or your children are playing on the lawn, you can observe everything.

Protect Your Cameras

Cameras that are too noticeable may draw the attention of criminals. Even if the criminal is caught on camera, there is still a potential that they will inflict damage to it because they want to erase all the traces.

If the cameras are visible, a burglar’s face may be covered, which might be troublesome for you to find them. So by hiding a Wyze Camera, you can keep it safe while obtaining the needed footage.

Increase Home Security

Hidden Wyze cameras are helpful for tracking family members or visitors. You can also monitor your babysitter’s entries and exits. This will enhance the protection of you and your family.

You can also observe your children as they play in the yard. It will ensure that you are getting an accurate picture of their position because predators will be unaware of the camera if they prey on them.

How To Hide A Wyze Camera – Step-By-Step Process

While you can hide the Wyze camera in any way you like, there are some simple methods to consider. And if you don’t follow the accurate steps, all your efforts can go in vain.

How To Hide A Wyze Camera

Step 1: Analyze the Location

The layout of your home has a huge impact on the best places to hide your security camera. We recommend testing many spots to verify the fact that the camera cannot be detected at a glimpse.

You could also take a thorough look at the spot where you will position the Wyze camera. Its visibility, sunshine coverage, night darkness, and tallness are all important considerations. It is best to place the camera where there will be no direct sunlight or streetlamp.

Analyze the Location

Step 2: Select Objects to Hide the Wyze Camera

Cameras can be hidden in PVC pipes, flowers, bushes, under eaves, treehouses, and a variety of other objects. Use your imagination! Consider potential areas that a person might overlook. But you must first ensure that the Wyze camera is within Wi-Fi range.

Select Objects to Hide the Wyze Camera

Step 3: Camouflage the Wyze Camera

You might wish to change the color of the Wyze camera to match the color of the backdrop item. For example, if the camera is under a blue shade, you can paint the Wyze cam the same color.

Or you can buy camouflage skins for your Wyze camera. They are available on Amazon and Walmart.

Camouflage the Wyze Camera

Where Can You Hide A Wyze Camera At Home?

Aside from the locations indicated above, you can locate more places in your home to hide the Wyze camera. We recommend you experiment with several spots to find the optimal location.

Water Pipes

One of the most unexpected spots to hide a Wyze camera is inside a water pipe. Nobody will ever suspect anything. A burglar would never suspect that you had a surveillance gadget placed inside a pipe.

Water Pipes

Under Fake Lights

You can create a fake light outside your house. And underneath it, you can mount a Wyze camera. Make sure to color the body of the camera with the border of the light. Otherwise, it will be noticeable.

Under Fake Lights

Flower Vessel for Wyze Cams

There are so many fake flower vessels for security cameras in the market. One of the brands is camasker. They have fake flower vessels specifically for Wyze cameras. If you place it in your front yard, it will look like a normal flower vessel.

Flower Vessel for Wyze Cams


If you’ve got a birdhouse in the yard, it could be a great place to hide a Wyze camera. And it’s not difficult to do. All you need to do is make sure that only the camera’s lens is visible through the hole.


Things To Consider Before Hiding Wyze Camera

As we have said, you can hide your Wyze camera however you want. But many people do not consider following some essential rules that will allow them to have their hidden cameras in the best way possible. Here are expert tips:

  • Have a good knowledge of the spot of the camera
  • Make sure the spot does not have too much light
  • Maintain an ideal height
  • Install the camera in a higher corner for pan angle
  • Ensure proper color combination and camouflaging

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Because hiding a Wyze camera is a difficult operation, knowledge about it can be hazy. So we have decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about it on the internet:

Do Hidden Wyze Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

Absolutely. Without a Wi-Fi connection, a Wyze camera is pretty much useless. It stores its footage on the cloud via the internet. If there is no Wi-Fi, it will not be able to send data to its necessary servers.

So one thing you need to make sure of while hiding a Wyze camera is not to use too much concealment that the device ends up losing Wi-Fi signals.

How Far Away Can Hidden Wyze Cameras Work?

Although the maximum distance between the camera and base station varies, they can be as far apart as 300 feet in a vast, open field. The ideal range will be less if there are many doors, walls, and other buildings between each device.

So you need to keep the Wyze camera within 300 feet of the base station. Otherwise, it will lose connectivity.

Can Hidden Wyze Cameras Record Sound?

Wyze Cam automatically starts recording video when it detects motion and sound. It then notifies you through text on your phone. So yes, it can also record sound and send the audio to your phone.

But make sure to enable Record Sound. To do that, tap your camera in the Wyze app, wait for the live feed to appear, then go to Advanced Settings. Or if the option is on and still there is no sound, a factory reset will fix it.

How Can You Tell If A Hidden Camera Is On?

If you’re still unsure whether the location has a hidden camera, use a flashlight. The presence of a camera should be evident if it shines a light on the lens.

Or, you can use your phone to detect it. Just open your camera and look through the phone screen where you suspect a hidden camera to be. If your phone detects a working camera, it will appear as a light on the screen.


Have you discovered unique ways to hide your Wyze camera by now? We hope you did. It is recommended to use those methods that best suit your environment.

And be sure to follow certain things such as making the color combination relevant, camouflaging the camera, etc. We discourage you from using too many protective shields to hide it. If you do so, the Wyze camera might end up receiving weak signals from the Wi-Fi.

If you think these methods require a lot of effort, you can buy different tools to hide Wyze cameras online. There are plenty of them, and you will surely love to have at least one.

Michael started his professional career as a security-camera technician. Later, he started his own business of security-camera service, and it's been a decade that he’s been doing it. There is simply nothing that he doesn’t know about security cameras and their accessories. He created this site Aimprivacy, to share his knowledge and decade of experience with people who don’t have any prior knowledge about security and spy cameras.

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