Is There A Security Camera That Works Without Wi-Fi?

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With rising concerns on security surveillance, finding the right camera becomes harder because of feature demands. Fortunately, not having wifi facility in your premises is not a new thing. And that’s why manufacturers got to think about making cameras that don’t necessarily use wifi to connect to the ecosystem.

So, if you’re asking, is there a security camera that works without wifi, the answer is: There are plenty of such cameras!

While most security cameras must use a Wi-Fi connection to transmit media, some don’t require WiFi. Some security cameras allow you to store recorded videos on DVRs or storage cards. Alternatively, some security cameras even connect live to the internet via a mobile LTE.

So, let’s talk about cameras that work without WiFi and what their specifications be like. We’ll talk about all the alternative options to wifi cameras, consider costs and performance as well.

Key Points:

  • While most security cams are WiFi-based, some others function effectively without WiFi.
  • Cameras that don’t need WiFi include analog, IP, HD-Over-Coax Cameras, and CCTV cameras.
  • These cameras are usually either wired or sometimes connected to the internet via a cellular network.

Is There A Security Camera That Works Without Wifi?

There are security cameras that function without WiFi. The cameras include analog cameras, IP cameras, CCTV cameras, and HD-Over-Coax cameras. These types store their footage in DVRs and record through cables.

Is There A Security Camera That Works Without Wi-Fi

The truth is, many people don’t realize that it’s about dong the surveillance before connecting to the internet. Once you have the cameras in place, you decide the connection method to store or stream the feed. On that contrast, not all security cameras work with WiFi. You can also decide to have these two:

  1. Wired CCTV: If you need only local storage with a monitor set up
  2. Cellular network: If you need wireless, remote access to the feed

Types of Security Cameras That Don’t Require WiFi

Analog Cameras

This is the legacy camera utilized in CCTV systems. The analog camera transmits video through cables to DVRs or VCRs. Typically, analog cameras transmit over a coaxial cable.

IP Cameras

These are the more advanced types of cameras, more synonymous with surveillance cameras. Notably, they are costlier than normal home security cameras.

CCTV Cameras

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are utilized by police and businesses for monitoring. More often than none, CCTV isn’t used for home or indoor surveillance purposes. Rather than monitoring the video recording on apps, security guards monitor the CCTV footage using several monitors.

Additionally, this type of camera stores video footage on either an NVR (Network Video Recorder) or DVR. The types of CCTV cameras include IP and analog cameras, over coaxial cables.

HD-Over-Coax Cameras

Using this type of camera, users can stream raw and uncompressed video through cameras to storage recorders through coaxial cables. While the video quality is in HD resolution, only a few cameras support coaxial cables.

Full Information About What A Security Camera That Works Without Wifi

Before we talk about no-wifi security cameras, you should know that there are plenty of reliable security cameras without wifi, widely popular in the market and doing really well. Now let’s consider the types of security surveillance systems. This determines the modes of operation for the two systems.

Security Systems Types

The main two types of security camera systems are:

1. Analog Security Systems

This surveillance system functions by utilizing transmission cables to connect an analog camera to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Notably, the DVR receives the footage from the camera and then compresses them.

After that, it stores it on a hard drive for live streaming or access later on. Also, this setup allows you to view the video over the internet if you’re accessing it from a remote location.

Analog Security Systems

The DVR compresses, encodes, and streams the footage stored in the analog surveillance system. In addition, it enables a user to access and control all the camera’s embedded features like alerts, motion detection, warnings, etc.

2. Security System Using Ip

On the other hand, IP security systems are more twisted, compact, and as such, costlier than their analog system counterpart. IP systems empower the cameras over the DVRs such that, the cameras now handle tasks that DVRs initially did. These include compression, conversion, and transmission of video via the internet. In fact, the IP setup doesn’t require a DVR in this system, rather the video is streamed directly to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or computer.

Which Security Cameras Work Without Wifi?

Here are the security cameras that work really well without Wifi. You can use these with LTE cellular connection and wired manual connection. Here they are:

1. Reolink 4G LTE Go+ Security Camera

The Reolink Go+ is an amazing WiFi-less surveillance camera incorporated with 2K super-HD, 16x virtual zoom, and 4MP resolution. These enable you to view your environment both day and nighttime.

Reolink 4G LTE Go+ Security Camera

Its innovative motion detection system can accurately identify what is passing if it’s a person or vehicle. It also comes with features that enable you to filter videos and custom-select the ones you hope to replay. In addition to that, the Reolink GoPlus can effectively store video footage in a built-in microSD card, surmounting up to 128 GB. Users can as well save their media footage with its Cloud Service.

Interestingly, the GoPlus incorporates a 7800mAh battery that can sustain for weeks or months without recharging. This battery also comes with a set of solar panels and is safe for outdoor usage (rated IP65-Weatherproof). It also comes with a mobile app that you can use to connect with the camera remotely and control it in real-time. Additionally, the GoPlus enables up to 12 smartphones to connect to the camera simultaneously and communicate via voice in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

2. Heim Vision HM 241

If you’re looking for a climate-proof security camera that comes with night vision, is effective, affordable, and doesn’t depend on a WiFi connection, then here it is.  HeimVision introduces an advanced HM241 WiFi-less security system that is super easy to install and use.

This camera comes with a quad IP66 rated weatherproof sealing that makes it optimum for both interior and exterior purposes. Not to mention, the app that it comes with is super intuitive and easy to use.

Heim Vision HM 241

Also, the HeimVision HM241 Wireless Camera is ideal for regions that have no WiFi coverage. The camera also grants connected users access to motion detection, night vision, email prompts, and alerts for unregulated activities via the camera.

Furthermore, its native app, IP Pro, enables you to access and control the camera remotely from anywhere in the world. You can as well playback captured videos in 960p on your smartphone and 1080p on the Network Video Recorder.

Asides from all these amazing features, what stands the HeimVision HM241 out of the crowd is that it provides a great price in contrast to its contenders.

3. Defender Phoenixm2 Non-Wifi

Here comes another advanced security camera that functions perfectly both with and without WiFi. Amazingly, the camera doesn’t require any internet connection to function properly. Defender is a Canada-based company that develops aluminum cameras to last through the toughest weather conditions, ranging from dust to extremely low temperatures.

Defender Phoenixm2 Non-Wifi

This intuitive camera automatically turns on at sunset and provides a nearly 40ft infrared vision range. It also creates a clear two-way audio mode of communication, enabling you to effectively communicate with another person,

The complete system encompasses four 480p cameras that come with 64o FOV which can be attached to the split-screen monitor. This provides users a huge range of only a little below 500 feet. In addition, the camera security system incorporates SecureGuard encryption and a storage capability of circa 128 GB of footage.

4. Arlo Pro 4

This is perfect for people who are also commuting, and interestingly, you don’t even need WiFi for it. Provided you can have an internet connection on your smartphone, then you’re good to go. It is known as one of the best 4G LTE-compatible security cameras available on the market.

Arlo Pro 4 is a very portable and movable camera, and you can easily hide it. So, it’s ideal for your trips.

Though it comes in one single camera unit and requires you to pay a modest charge for using its advanced features, Arlo Pro 4 is a truly great tool. This spotlight camera is also weatherproof, comes with a battery, and is uniquely designed to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.

Furthermore, unlike its counterparts, the Arlo Go doesn’t require WiFi to function, and since it’s portable, you use it in several locations. These include construction sites, campsites, cabins, and lake houses. Then, to secure it from falling off or being pulled out, it also integrates a screw.

Using the Arlo Pro 4, you can live stream, and access 2-way audio, and night vision features. So, if you’re concerned about going for a security camera that incorporates portability, then the Arlo Pro 4 is the one you need.

5. Zosi 8


While No-WiFi cameras are dominating the world now, there’s a greater need for security cameras that don’t depend on WiFi networks to work. The ZOSI 8 Security Camera System is one interesting application in this wise that introduces an all-in-one camera system.

The system comprises dome cameras, a DVR that has HDMI and VGA ports for connecting to a computer monitor or television, and a storage drive for saving the footage. We mustn’t forget the wiring in this package, which you can replace if you’re not satisfied with its lengths.

It’s worthy to note that several ZOSI cameras come with their unique routers, which transmit 2.4GHz/5GHz frequency to these cameras. This makes the connection between the cameras and the computer systems wireless.

For storage, the ZOSI 8 uses a 1TB hard drive. Also, its cameras can stretch as far as 80ft, giving clear night vision and motion detection. One other amazing feature of the ZOSI 8 is that it introduces both local and remote access to the cameras using the mobile app or web. It enables you to facilitate automated video recording, with self-controlled motion detection.

For those who want a wider view, the ZOSI 8 uses 4 1080p (5mp) cameras. ZOSI 8 also integrates a 60ft cabled connection via BN cables (or BNC wiring), which is more reliable and stable than its wireless connection.

6. Amcrest 4k Ultra Hi-Def Security Turret

This portable security camera offers some of the best and most advanced surveillance cameras on the market today. It comes with ultra-HD 4K for users who want to get very intricate details on intruders.

It also integrates a 2.8 mm wide-angle camera lens and a 105o radius view. You can also be sure to trust the Amcrest 4K Ultra-HD Camera. While surveying your location, the camera activates night vision automatically. Storage of footage on this camera system is not a problem as this camera offers 256 GB of storage for all types of media.

How Can A Security Camera Be Connected Without Wifi?

As we’ve already discussed, it is very much possible to connect your security camera without WiFi. More essentially, you can even access, configure, and control your security camera using your smartphone, whether locally or remotely.

Here are some tools required for you to connect your security cameras to your smartphone without WiFi:

  1. A router.
  2. Ethernet (LAN) cables.
  3. UTP cables.
  4. Power Adapter.

4 Steps in Connecting Your Security Camera to Your Computer without Using WiFi

  • Charge your battery powered camera unless you have a camera that is powered by PoE or AC adapter and power your monitor.
  • Use a network cable to connect your camera to a PC or computer monitor directly. Ensure that the cable is suitable for both the camera system and the computer beforehand.
  • Open your web browser on your computer and type the IP address of your CCTV (Provided by the manufacturer).
  • There, you should be able to connect your camera to your computer system and monitor the live feed on the display.


Making your home, office, or belongings while not having Wifi shouldn’t be a thing to worry about. As there are security cameras that work without wifi just fine, you can opt for one and set up a complete surveillance system at any time!

There are plenty of manufacturers that make such cameras including Arlo 4, ZOSI, Defender, Amcrest, HeimVision, etc. Some of these cameras security systems come with single cameras, while others include a set of 4-8 cameras.

Whichever one you prefer, make sure it fits your purposes as well as your budget. Be safe and keep safe. Hope the guide helped you out. Leave a comment if you have anything to know about.

Michael started his professional career as a security-camera technician. Later, he started his own business of security-camera service, and it's been a decade that he’s been doing it. There is simply nothing that he doesn’t know about security cameras and their accessories. He created this site Aimprivacy, to share his knowledge and decade of experience with people who don’t have any prior knowledge about security and spy cameras.

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